Prenatal & Neonatal

In addition to start-up and ongoing health consultation, ITSG offers many prenatal and neonatal staff trainings, such as:

  • Transition to Motherhood – a must for staff working with pregnant families or families with newborns.  Associate Consultant Lisa Gartin’s information, internal perspectives, and relationship-based approach make this ideal for EHS programs.
  • The Fourth Trimester – This training focuses on the early post-partum period for new families.  The impact of post-partum depression on attachment and bonding is explored. Participants learn to recognize signs of post-partum depression and post tramatic stress disorder related to birth and early parenting experiences.
  • Unexpected Outcomes – This training examines how unexpected outcomes such as stillbirth, miscarriage, health problem or disability impact families and staff.  Communication techniques are stressed.
  • Breastfeeding: More than just food! – This training helps staff identify their feelings and gives them tools to support breastfeeding.