English Language Learning


ITSG @ Zero To Five Consulting and Associates offer English Language Learner (ELL) Training and Technical Assistance to meet the requirements for serving limited English proficient children and their families, as stated in “Improving Head Start for School Readiness Act of 2007”.

ITSG @ Zero To Five Consulting partners with a diverse group of Consultant Trainers and English Language Specialist who have worked with the Head Start English Learners Project (HELLP) at Community Development Institute (CDI) Denver, CO.

The HELLP project was a national initiative dedicated to training and supporting Early Head Start and Head Start programs that served limited English proficient children and their families. A total of 44 Head Start grantees from throughout the country participated in the national demonstration project over a three-year period and was completed in December, 2008.

HELLP is one of eight Head Start Innovation and Improvement Projects (IIPs) funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Office of Head Start, to strengthen and support Head Start programs nationwide. For more information please visit the website at hellp.org

English Language Learning Key Training Concepts:

  • Heightening Cultural Awareness
  • Connecting Language to Cultural Identity
  • Retaining and Preserving the Home Language
  • Learning about Bilingualism
  • Implementing Concrete and Practical Teaching Strategies to Support ELL
  • Understanding the Stages of Language Acquisition for ELL
  • Individualizing Curriculum and Lesson Plans for ELL
  • Organizing the Learning Environment to Support ELL
  • Creating Opportunities for ELL Families to be Involved in their Child’s
  • Education in the Home and Classroom
  • Conducting Head Start Program Assessment for Serving ELL
  • Identifying Strengths and Areas for Program Improvement in Serving ELL

Meeting the Head Start Outcomes for English Language Learners:

  • 1304.21 Education and Early Childhood Development
  • 1304.23 Child Nutrition
  • 1304.40 Family Partnerships
  • 1304.51 Management Systems Procedures
  • 1304.52 Human Resources Management
  • 1304.53 Facilities, Materials and Equipment
  • 1306.20 Program Staffing
  • 1309.0 Eligibility Criteria: Speech Language Impairment