Universal Lesson Planning Tools

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Fully Certified Instructor West-Ed Program for Infant Toddler Care (PITC)
One Year | 12 Monthly Lesson Plans | 3 Age Groups
Infant (0 – 12 Months) | Toddler (12 – 24 Months) | Older Toddler (24 – 36 Months)

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Infant Toddler Centers – Home Based Settings – Play Groups

36 Monthly Lesson Planning Tools
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September, 2012

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Sample Planning Tools

Universal Lesson Planning Tools developed by Pat Hillman, Fully Certified West-Ed PITC Instructor are a series of fully loaded, lesson plans designed for a full year to support your research based curriculum and to offer a user friendly framework for entry level and seasoned administrators, teachers and providers.

Universal Lesson Planning Tools are based on the West-Ed Nationally Acclaimed Program for Infant Toddler Care principles, theories and philosophy of care established by Magda Gerber, world-renowned child therapist and infant specialist  http://www.rie.org/

Universal Lesson Planning Tools can be used by caregivers as a practical learning tool. Age appropriate play and learning activities and strategies are listed throughout the plans and suitable for babies and toddlers who are cared for in home based settings, play groups or centers.

Young and Non Mobile Infants  0 -12 months
Mobile infants         12- 24 months
Older Toddlers      24- 36 months

Each set of plans includes 12 monthly concepts to emphasize; August through September of each year.

Universal Lesson Planning Tools can be downloaded, adapted and individualized to meet the goals and needs of typically developing children including children with special needs and disabilities.

We offer an online community blog for Infant Toddler practitioners to discuss and share ideas related specifically to Infant Toddler program design and curriculum development.

Programs Using Universal Lesson Planning Tools:
Texas:Child Care WorkFource Solutions:Travis, Hays and Williamson Counties
(Serving over 700 registered and licensed child care, home based facilities and Head Start programs)
Hawaii: Maui Family Support Services
California: South LA Head Start
Oklahoma: Delta Head Start

“The Infant/Toddler Curriculum developed by Patricia Hillman is an excellent tool to plan age and developmentally appropriate activities for very young children. The curriculum has a clear and easy to follow structure, and makes activity planning effortless. The lesson plan format is based on holistic approach to infant/toddler development, and designed to plan group and individual activities reflective of the outcome of individual child assessments. I highly recommend this tool to child development professionals working with infants and toddlers.” – Klara Pakozdi Head Start Director, UCR Child Development Center

Universal Lesson Planning Tools – Designed lovingly, to support the unique art and science of quality Infant/Toddler programming.

TAEYC 2012 Presentation

C:\Users\Pat\Documents\I-T-S-G\TAEYC Infant Toddler Curriculum Update 10-12.ppt


36 Monthly Lesson Planning Tools
(Free Shipping)

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36 Monthly Lesson Planning Tools
(Free Shipping)

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